Presidents Day 2015

Happy Presidents Day from the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party!

Today is a time to honor two great presidents whose legacy is carved in stone and enlaced in our national exceptionalism, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  These two men, not only served to unite a country and heal a land, but also were instrumental examples of our moral foundation.  We give thanks to all presidents who have served the executive office of our country, and we continue to pray for upright spiritual guidance for all in leadership positions.

KPTP Presidents Day 2015Due respect must be given to the presidency, but we bear in mind our responsibility to ensure the correct constitutional framework is abided.  Founder Alexander Hamilton, writing as “Publius” in “Federalist #69”, expressed that the President of the United States has necessary energy & unity in his office.  However, his powers are intended to be tightly limited in scope as compared to the monarch from whom we separated.

The President of the United States would be an officer elected by the people for FOUR years; the king of Great Britain is a perpetual and HEREDITARY prince. The one would be amenable to personal punishment and disgrace; the person of the other is sacred and inviolable. The one would have a QUALIFIED negative upon the acts of the legislative body; the other has an ABSOLUTE negative. The one would have a right to command the military and naval forces of the nation; the other, in addition to this right, possesses that of DECLARING war, and of RAISING and REGULATING fleets and armies by his own authority. The one would have a concurrent power with a branch of the legislature in the formation of treaties; the other is the SOLE POSSESSOR of the power of making treaties. The one would have a like concurrent authority in appointing to offices; the other is the sole author of all appointments. The one can confer no privileges whatever; the other can make denizens of aliens, noblemen of commoners; can erect corporations with all the rights incident to corporate bodies. The one can prescribe no rules concerning the commerce or currency of the nation; the other is in several respects the arbiter of commerce, and in this capacity can establish markets and fairs, can regulate weights and measures, can lay embargoes for a limited time, can coin money, can authorize or prohibit the circulation of foreign coin. The one has no particle of spiritual jurisdiction; the other is the supreme head and governor of the national church! What answer shall we give to those who would persuade us that things so unlike resemble each other? The same that ought to be given to those who tell us that a government, the whole power of which would be in the hands of the elective and periodical servants of the people, is an aristocracy, a monarchy, and a despotism.”
– Alexander Hamilton “Publius” in Federalist #69

For more on the office of the president, take Hillsdale College’s FREE online course:
The Presidency and the Constitution“.

“I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1 Timothy 2:2 [KJV]).”

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