Strengthening Coalitions – KAPO, KCRP

In 2014, the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party (KPTP) began making a concerted effort to build coalitions with friendly organizations to work toward those goals we share in common.  This year, we are making further steps to develop unity in the conservative movement and expand our sphere of influence.

On Saturday, March 28th, for the second consecutive year KPTP will have its own table at the Kitsap County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner.  Together, we can work toward our shared goals.  Our presence makes our local party a conservative party.

KCRP Lincoln Day Dinner 2015

The Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners will be voting on their 2015 Board of Directors at their February 26 meeting.  Two members of the KPTP board, Faye Henden and Johnny Walker are on the slate of candidates.

KAPO Board 2015

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