Tea Party Values Represent People’s Will

State Representative Drew MacEwen (R-35th) recently released the results of an informal survey from a tele-townhall in his online newsletter.  Among the questions are constituent thoughts on Common Core and tax policy.

MacEwen Survey Feb 2015

The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party is ahead of the game representing the mainstream views of the average Washingtonian:

Common Core:
The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party released a resolution opposing Common Core in the summer of 2013 and remain dedicated to influencing Kitsap school boards and state legislation for the betterment of our children’s education.  The Washington State Republican Party later adopted a resolution opposing Common Core, and the Washington State Democratic Party also passed a similar resolution.  The people have spoken; opposition to Common Core crosses party lines.  It is time for leadership in the legislature to act.

Tax Policy:
As seen in tax initiative votes for over a decade, Washington voters continue to reject over-taxation.  The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party, as exemplified in our Oct 2013 newsletter, stands strong for fiscal conservatism.  Our Nov 2013 newsletter followed up with a discussion of the government’s taxing impact on gas prices.  Already with one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, state politicians (including both Republicans and Democrats) are proposing another gas tax increase.  Who best looks out for your interests … establishment politicians (of either party) or … the Tea Party?

Help us take action at the local or state level by volunteering for one of our committees.  Send an email to info@kitsappatriots.com.

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