Naomi Evans’ Story of Paternity Fraud

Naomi Evans by David ClarkAt the February 2014 Kitsap Patriots Tea Party meeting centering on how you can influence your government, Naomi Evans shared her personal story of perseverance.  Just an ordinary citizen like you and me, Naomi found herself entangled in the injustices of Washington’s family law.  In her blog “Surviving Paternity Fraud, a Second Wife’s Story“, she describes her tale:

I married my husband almost eleven years ago. At the beginning of our relationship, he had just managed to win primary custody of his first daughter.  For the next five years, Andrew and I went on to raise this child together. Sadly, they were honestly the worst five years of my life! Why? Because of the emotional, financial and legal hell created by his ex-wife as she perpetuated one legal battle after another in her attempts to alienate this child from our family and to regain primary custody…
Evans Family
After getting the  DNA test results back—test results that showed 0% chance of paternity—my husband and I sought legal advice from several attorneys, all of whom came back with the same bad news.  There was literally nothing that could be done to remedy the mother’s false accusation of paternity.  At the time, there was a 2-year statute of limitations in Washington State that thwarted all efforts to challenge or disestablish paternity, even with a DNA test.  None of these attorneys would touch the subject with “a ten foot pole”—not even at the Supreme Court level. So I decided to contact my local Senator and beg him to help us, but unfortunately after a month of writing emails (and only managing to speak with this gentleman once), I realized that he was not interested in changing the laws to benefit our family, so I gave up…
The child’s mother continued to drag us through court as often as possible to increase child support. And each time she would work fewer hours to reduce her own financial obligation.  Of course the court system was rigged to favor women, including women such as her.  After all, it was they who’d taught her it was acceptable to lie. It was through the court-supported paternity fraud system that she got away with devastating my husband’s financial and emotional livelihood. With the court system itself on her side, why would she be afraid to continue that behavior?”
– November 01, 2014 post “Wonder Woman Seeks Justice for Washington Paternity Fraud Victims

Follow Naomi’s blog “” to learn how you can help.

Naomi bravely set foot in the nebulous realm of politics.  Like many in the Tea Party movement, political engagement was seen as an intimidating prospect.  Fighting for her family, she began a long campaign of contacting legislators (e.g. November 15, 2014 Letter).  In the true spirit of self-governance, as taught by Sandra Belzer (filling in for Pamela Leslie) at the February KPTP meeting, Naomi managed to get a bill in each chamber of the Washington State Legislature: H.B. 1524 and companion bill S.B. 5006.  Naomi’s relentless efforts were assisted by the National Coalition For Men (NCFM) who published her articles and provided advocacy paramount to her fight.

Republican Senator Jan Angel (26th dist) is sponsoring SB 5006 this legislative session as well as newly elected (R) Representative Michelle Caldier (26th dist) sponsoring HB 1524 with the help of Representatives (R) Jesse Young, (D) Chris Reykdal, (R) Vincent Buys, (R) Elizabeth Scott, (R) Hans Zeiger, (D) Timm Ormsby, (D) Marcus Riccelli, and (R) Liz Pike, making the House Bill a beautiful work of “bi-partisanship”…

On Monday January 19th, 2015 the Senate Law and Justice Committee held a public hearing on SB 5006 in which 9 of us supporters and/or victims shared our personal testimony and request for passage of this bill.

– January 26, 2015 post “January 26th Update on SB 5006 and HB 1524…”

Naomi’s story is an inspirational one which shows the power each of us has within us.  Despite the struggles and defeats, with eyes fixed above, we press on to the victory that awaits us just around the bend.  To support Naomi’s cause, follow her blog which contains many ways to help (including easy copy/paste messages taking you only a few minutes to accomplish).

Naomi Evans WonderwomanTo learn how to become a more effective advocate for freedom, equip yourself with the necessary tools by taking classes from the Center for Self Governance.  Classes teach you basic philosophy, how the legislative process works, how to develop relationships with your elected officials, and even how to draft legislation of your own!  Gather a group of neighbors set on a particular goal, take the class, and get started influencing your government just like Naomi.

Send an email to for further information.

You, too, can be Superman or Wonderwoman!

[Hat-Tip to Naomi Evans and David Clark for the photos]

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