Special Presentation: KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnneHall PresentationNationally-recognized author and constitutional expert, KrisAnne Hall, will be making a special presentation to Kitsap and Pierce County residents on April 08, 2015 at 7:00pm in the ballroom of the Silverdale Beach Hotel.  Hall, author of “In Defense of Liberty” (among others), is an attorney, former prosecutor, host of “The KrisAnne Hall Show, and considered by many as one of the leading constitutional experts in the country.  Hall will be presenting on “The Genealogy of the Constitution” for audiences young & old, novice & expert.  This is a great event for students!!!

We recommend a $10 donation at the door to cover venue expenses.

Please share with family, friends, neighbors, organizations, businesses, churches, schools, classmates, etc.  We hope for a large crowd!  Send an email to info@kitsappatriots.com for further information or to request waiving the $10 donation for your group of teachers & students.

This event is sponsored by the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party, Tacoma Narrows Tea Party, the Tacoma 9/12 Project, and many other friends.  Join the event on Facebook.

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