March 2015 Meeting Recap

For our March 2015 meeting, Sharon Hanek, aka “Research Mom” (view her latest newsletter featuring “Baby Common Core”), presented to us a history of government-run education.  To review the wealth of information presented, watch the meeting video below posted at our YouTube Channel:

March 2015 Hanek

[Hat-Tip to David Clark of Chivalry Productions for filming, editing, and publishing!]

To supplement Hanek’s brilliant presentation, we recommend taking Hillsdale College’s FREE online course “A Proper Understand of K-12 Education: Theory and Practice“.  Here, the professors provide correct thinking of educational goals and explain proven methods.  Dr. Fennell compares traditional education (with discussion of St. Augustine and C.S. Lewis’ thoughts on education) and modern Progressive education theories (characterized by Sigmund Freud and John Dewey’s naturalistic worldview with no eternal truths and education by chance).


The Progressive mindset has produced Common Core which the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party took the lead in Washington in adopting a resolution in opposition.  For the latest education information at the state level, visit CURE Washington.  Visit our website for further information.  To join our Education Committee and work to influence Kitsap school boards, email your request to:

“He’s taught not by my words but by the things themselves made manifest within when God discloses them.” – St. Augustine in “On The Teacher”, Pg. 141

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