KrisAnne Hall April 2015 Presentation Recap

On April 8th, KrisAnne Hall travelled all the way from Florida to give a special presentation “The Genealogy of the Constitution“.  Watch the video:

KPTP KHall Vid April 2015

Copies of the presentation on DVD will be available at our April 27th meeting.  KrisAnne will be back with a new presentation at our September 2015 meeting!

KrisAnneHall April2015 CollageView more PHOTOS
[Hat Tip to David Clark of Chivalry Productions for the photos and video!]

Mrs. Hall described what she calls the five charters of liberty that gave rise to our Declaration of Independence and Constitution:

1) 1100 Charter of Liberties
2) 1215 Magna Carta
3) 1628 Petition of Right
4) 1641 Grand Remonstrance
5) 1689 English Bill of Rights

KrisAnne provides her lectures free of charge, so we encourage you to support her ministry by purchasing her books and CDs at

As noted during the presentation, Pastor JC Hall provides a presentation for church leaders “Righteous Resistance“.  We are looking for leaders to re-energize our project “Speak Without Fear“.


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