Tax Day 2015

Today and in the previous weeks, thousands of Americans have endured the painful stress and intimidation of finalizing their taxes in our complicated tax system.  The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party remains steadfast in our support of a simplified, fair tax policy more conducive to a free people and that permits liberation of an economy ready to thrive.  The tea party movement has answers: a flat tax or FairTax.

Tax Day 2015

The United States of America has not always had an income tax.  Before passage of the 16th Amendment during the Progressive Era, we only had a momentary income tax to pay Civil War expenses (see history of tax rates from the Tax Foundation).  The income tax was promptly removed and was eventually declared unconstitutional in the 1895 Supreme Court decision “Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan and Trust Co“.  With a firm scriptural understanding, early Americans rejected the income tax on Biblical grounds.

The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party encourages our elected officials to move Washington and Kitsap County forward to our nation’s conservative foundations which promote individual liberty and economic vitality for a brighter future.  Decreasing the tax burden on individuals & businesses and ending a federal system which targets political opponents will advance the general welfare of all Americans.  Join our special project “Speak Without Fear” to encourage preachers at the pulpit to throw off the chains of the IRS and exercise their free speech to affect civil government and the culture.

For further study, the Heritage Foundation recently released a special publication with an in-depth discussion of tax reform principles for the 2016 elections: “A Tax Reform Primer for the 2016 Presidential Candidates” (04/07/2015) by Dubay & Burton.

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