Judge Orders KRRC to Stop Shooting

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Kitsap Superior Court Judge, Jay B. Roof, has decided in favor of the Kitsap County Commissioners and against our friends the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club (KRRC) in the 04/24/2015 conclusion of a court hearing.  Shooting activities have been ordered to cease until an operational permit is obtained as required in the recent Kitsap County ordinance.  This permit contains many burdensome and expensive requirements that attack private property and gun rights.

KRRC had this to say on Facebook shortly after the court announcement:

KRRC Update 042415

Newly-elected Prosecutor Tina Robinson filed the court action to comply with county law.  Respectfully write to your county commissioners and demand that they cease attacking KRRC and change the county code to release KRRC from the multi-decade vendetta against them.

  • District 1: Robert Gelder ……….. rgelder@co.kitsap.wa.us
  • District 2: Charlotte Garrido ….. cgarrido@co.kitsap.wa.us
  • District 3: Ed Wolfe ………………. ewolfe@co.kitsap.wa.us

Steven Gardiner, in his Kitsap Sun article, quoted KRRC Executive Officer Marcus Carter as saying, “We’re disappointed, obviously, but this is by far not the end.”  Further, the Kitsap Sun reports Attorney Bruce Danielson as saying that “the county was abusing its police power in requiring the permit and wondered what grandfathered rights the gun club has if it is required to apply for an operating permit.”

Keep the pressure on the county government to protect your rights … sacred, God-given rights.  Ensure the county commissioners know you’re watching them and you will actively pursue their removal from office next election cycle via the ballot box if they continue this behavior.

Let us know what you think about Judge Roof’s ruling, the vendetta adopted by the County Commissioners, and Prosecutor Tina Robinson’s decision to proceed with taking action.

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