Mothers Day 2015 Recap

Mother’s Day weekend, a large group of patriots met at Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor’s Trigger Avenue Gate in support of our troops.  A group of protestors were up to their annual antics at the Main Gate they call a “vigil/action”.  We offered our soldiers an alternate, friendly welcome to the base, so they didn’t have to drive through the protestors.  Like last year, we were warmly received by our troops, their families, base security, and all passers by.  Thank you patriots for standing strong for our troops as they stand strong for us!

Thank you to the Tacoma Narrows Tea Party for their support and attendance!

DSC_0437W DSC_0448w DSC_0449W DSC_0450W DSC_0461W DSC_0436W DSC_0438W DSC_0439C1W DSC_0439C2W DSC_0440W DSC_0441W DSC_0442W DSC_0443W DSC_0444W DSC_0445w DSC_0446w DSC_0447W DSC_0451W DSC_0452W DSC_0452WC DSC_0453W DSC_0454W DSC_0455W DSC_0456CW DSC_0457W DSC_0458W DSC_0459w DSC_0460W DSC_0462W DSC_0463W DSC_0464W DSC_0465w DSC_0466W DSC_0467W DSC_0468W DSC_0469W DSC_0470w DSC_0471W DSC_0472W DSC_0473W DSC_0474W DSC_0476w[Hat-Tip to Dana Cruz for event organization and the pictures!]

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3 Responses to Mothers Day 2015 Recap

  1. Peggy Hutt says:

    Thanks Dana once again for great pictures!

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