Naomi Evans Running for Bremerton School Board

Evans School BoardRecall back at our February 2015 meeting, Naomi Evans boldly shared her story battling paternity fraud.  Mrs. Evans exemplified what it meant to be a citizen activist working relentlessly to influence her elected officials.

Naomi Evans, a friend of the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party, has now announced a big political step.  She is running for the Bremerton School Board!  From her Facebook page, she explains her reason for running:

  • I oppose Common Core Standards and High Stakes Testing like SBAC that is hindering the ability of our students to graduate from High School
  • As the Mother of 3 school aged children, one of which is a freshman at BHS and has been diagnosed with High Functioning Autism I am concerned about how Federal and State Mandates are affecting our students ability to graduate. My years of advocacy for my own special needs child has made me very passionate about children who range in the higher functioning disabilities area who often fall through the cracks of an education divided between 1. Severely Disabled or 2. General Education courses. I would like to establish more mid-range life skills courses for children like my son, to enable those children to successfully graduate and become functioning adults within society.
  • The past few years of being a citizen lobbyist has given me a greater wealth of experience and knowledge on how to work with state legislators on issues such as Common Core and SBAC testing. I commend Bremerton School Board and the District for already having a “Legislative Liaison” and believe that my passion for children and working with law makers to support the concerns of their constituents will be a valuable asset to the Board when I am elected.

Find out more by visiting Naomi’s campaign Facebook Page and Twitter account.

The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party is striving to influence local politics.  We have chosen to make local school boards a primary focus.

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