Biased Judge in KRRC Case Rules He’s Not Biased

Kitsap Justice June 2015In April, Judge Roof ordered that the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club (KRRC) cease operation.  Well, KRRC is not going silently!  In a recent attempt by the gun club to point out the blatant bias Judge Roof pronounced during the hearing, KRRC appealed to the county.  Kitsap County deferred the decision as to whether Judge Roof exhibited bias to … Judge Roof himself!  As you would expect, Judge Roof determined he is not biased.

Via Facebook (and web article), KRRC provided the recent sequence of events:

KRRC 061815KRRC 061815-2KRRC 062015KRRC 062115

Help KRRC fight back and present a positive public image to the public by joining the “Smart Mob“!  Check in at the KRRC website and Facebook page.

KRRC Smart Mob June 2015

As one commenter stated, you’ll love it!

KRRC Smart Mob 061315

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4 Responses to Biased Judge in KRRC Case Rules He’s Not Biased

  1. Patrick says:

    Just a while ago it was the Prosecutor who was reportedly being unfair. I don’t understand. KPTP and KRRC campaigned heavily for the new Prosecutor Tina Bailey just because she wasn’t Russ Hauge, who was also supposedly corrupt and who had also supposedly been giving KRRC such a hard time about permitting. Humbly speaking, it appears you all got just what you asked for and campaigned for. Was Tina Bailey corrupt when KPTP was telling everyone to vote for her or just afterwards when KRRC didn’t get what they wanted? Is there anyone between the courts and the prosecutor’s office who isn’t corrupt? I consider myself to be sympathetic towards KRRC, but they just need to get a permit in order to operate at this point.

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