Bridge Crew August 2015 Photos

We had an awesome turnout and plenty of enthusiasm support the troops at our monthly flagwaving at the Trigger Avenue Overpass!  Join us again on September 05, 2015!

[Hat-Tip to Dana Cruz for the photos!]

DSC_0778w DSC_0780w DSC_0785w DSC_0786w DSC_0788w DSC_0796W DSC_0798W DSC_0800W DSC_0802W DSC_0803W DSC_0805W DSC_0809W DSC_0812W DSC_0814W DSC_0816W DSC_0819W DSC_0823W DSC_0825W DSC_0829W DSC_0830W DSC_0832W DSC_0836W DSC_0837W DSC_0838W DSC_0839W DSC_0841W DSC_0843W DSC_0846W DSC_0848W DSC_0850W DSC_0851W DSC_0853W DSC_0860W

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