July 2015 Meeting Recap

Our July 2015 meeting featured Kerry Hooks-French, an expert on Islam’s influence on the American educational system.  We originally advertised in our email newsletter that Brett Treadwell would speak on the Federal Reserve … Mr. Treadwell will deliver this presentation for the August 31, 2015 meeting.

July 2015 Meeting - HooksKerry Hooks provided general terminology of which to be aware, a history of friendly & unfriendly Islamic organizations in America, tactics used by those with malevolent intent, and a wealth of important information when evaluating your children’s textbooks.

Key Islamic Terms:

  • Abrogation = the surahs advocating violence that Mohammed wrote later in his life while in Medina supersede the peaceful writings earlier in his life in Mecca
  • Dar al-Harb (Domain of War) = land under the hegemony of unbelievers presumed to be hostile to Muslims
  • Dar al-Kufr (Domain of Unbelief) = land under the hegemony of unbelievers
  • Dawah = propagation of Islam through deceptive words and actions
  • Dhimmi = second class citizen (non-believer) in a Muslim nation
  • Jihad = to strive or to struggle; contrary to CAIR (see Bate #ISE-SW/ 1B10/ 0000413 for chilling evidence of strategy to push Shariah in America) talking points, this does include armed violence
  • Jizyah = a tax unbelievers must pay in exchange for their life
  • Kitman = strategy of concealment of malevolent intent to advance Islam
  • Shariah = entire way of life of Muslims enforced by strict religious law; encompasses both culture and government
  • Taqiyya = strategy of lying to unbelievers to advance Islam

Influence in Education:

Islamic bias has crept in American textbooks pushing a pro-Islam and anti-American worldview on our kids.  An Act For America study breaks down the indoctrination present in major textbooks.  See picture below:

ActForAmerica Bad Books

Take Action:

  • Act For America recommends electing and influencing state & local authorities on educational issues.
  • Kerry Hooks recommends joining a local Act For America group.  Her group is PierceCountyACT.org.
  • The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party recommends influencing Kitsap County school boards.  In our devoted efforts to focus on our school boards, the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party has two members running for the Bremerton School Board in 2015: Tony Stephens and Naomi Evans!

Recommended Reading:

ActForAmerica Book List

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