Support Bremerton’s Coach Joe Kennedy

UPDATE 3 (10/29/2015):

In BREAKING NEWS, as reported by the Kitsap Sun, Liberty Institute, and Fox News, Coach Joe Kennedy has been placed on administrative leave by the Bremerton School District.

*Stay tuned for information on how to take action resulting from this news.  Coach Kennedy supporters are making plans for action at an upcoming Bremerton School Board meeting and coordinating a united email campaign.  Until then, scroll down to UPDATE 2 for preliminary actions you can take.  Prayers are also welcomed!*

Before learning of this news, informants told us that there were plans of arresting those who prayed on the field at tonight’s Bremerton High School football game.  We also were informed that a group of atheists and Satanists from Seattle are planning on attending tonight’s game.  The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party was unable to verify these claims.  However, friends from the Tacoma Narrows Tea Party suggested bringing cameras to the game to record any unlawful or disturbing behavior.  Post any such activity to the Coach Kennedy Support Group for evaluation of action that can be taken.

Bremerton Knights vs. Sequim Wolves
Thursday October 29, 2015
Bremerton High School

Please keep in mind Coach Kennedy’s personal request:
Kennedy 102715

Since last update, even more national attention has been received.  Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson spoke out in defense of Coach Kennedy and 47 members of Congress, led by Senator Lankford (R-OK), signed a letter of support for Coach Kennedy!

Lankford-Kennedy Oct 2015

Note that school board members are on the ballot!  Read the following from Tony Stephens, KPTP President and school board candidate:
Stephens-Kennedy 102915


UPDATE 2 (10/17/2015):

Coach Joe Kennedy prompted national attention when he declared he would pray with his players after Bremerton High School’s October 16 football game.  To his word, Coach Kennedy defied a threat of firing by the district school board.  A tremendous outpouring of support from the community joined him as he and a large crowd up supporters (including State Representative Jesse Young and the Centralia football team), exercised the freedom to exercise their faith.

Watch the video from KIRO 7.
View pictures courtesy of KPTP’s Dana Cruz.


  1. Join Coach Kennedy’s support group on Facebook to stay informed on the latest.
  2. Sign on to the Liberty Institute’s “Letter of Support” for Coach Kennedy and the Family Research Council’s Petition in support of Coach Kennedy.
  3. Consider joining the KPTP VP & Communication’s Chair in taking school board action.
  4. Vote for Bremerton School Board candidates Tony Stephens and Naomi Evans.

Hashtag Support Coach Kennedy

[Hat-Tip to Michael Campbell for the picture!]

UPDATE 1 (09/21/2015):

A tremendous outpouring of support for Coach Joe Kennedy and religious liberty flooded Bremerton Memorial Stadium.  Reports state that 2000 more people attended than for a usual home game.  Many fans stayed well after the game to pray on the field.  You can watch the 50-yd line speech at the Kitsap Sun.


[Hat-Tip to Peggy Hutt of the Tacoma Narrows Tea Party for the photo!  View More]

The Bremerton School Board ruled that Coach Kennedy can keep his job, but … the board states “… talks with students may not include any religious expression, including prayer.  They must remain entirely secular in nature…”  More work is to be done to protect religious liberty in Bremerton.

Support Joe Kennedy Sept 2015


Bremerton High School assistant football coach, Joe Kennedy, is under attack for exercising his 1st Amendment right of free exercise of religion.  His “crime” … praying with his team.  The school district has Coach Kennedy under investigation for reprimand or possible firing.  King 5 reports:

[Coach Joe Kennedy] said he was told he would be fired if he continued to lead prayers on the 50-yard-line following games.

Over 1,600 citizens have RSVP’d to attend Bremerton High School’s next football game on Friday September 18th in support of Coach Kennedy and religious freedom.  Join the event on Facebook: “Support Joe Kennedy

The event page states:

Bremerton High School Football Coach Kennedy Joe has been asked to let the students lead prayers and not him. He has been praying with all kids and coaches, win or lose, on the 50 yard line after each game home or away for the past 9 years. HE DOES NOT FORCE ANYONE TO PRAY. Let us all show is support by praying with him after the game.

[Hat-Tip to Michael Campbell and Peggy Hutt for sharing on our Discussion Group!]

Spread the word on Twitter using #KeepCoachKennedy

Bremerton School Board candidate, Naomi Evans posted the following on her Facebook Page in response to the school board’s action:

Evans for Joe Kennedy

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  3. He is a citizen that is governed by the constitution and the associated amendments …the powers to be have forgotten the part of the first amendment that says “shall not infringe on its practice ” and separation refers only congressional action establishing a state religion ….not some local high school coach practicing his right to thank the creator publicly .

  4. Diane L Asp says:

    Will be praying, for sure!

  5. Sharon O'Hara says:

    Did the coach take the job knowing a prayer ban at games was in place?

  6. Sharon OHara: there was no ban on prayer at games and constitutionally cannot be

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