Stop Common Core Email-Athon Sept 2015

Stop Common Core Email-Athon Sept 2015

Concerned Bremerton School District parents are participating in an email-athon to stop Common Core Math.  Join the action by sending an easy copy/paste message to school district officials:

To the Bremerton School District Board of Directors- Dave Rubie, Alyson Rotter, Carolynn Perkins, Jonee Dubos, Scott Rahm and to Superintendent Aaron Leavell and Assistant Superintendent Lynn Caddell:

This letter is to request an immediate abandonment and replacement of the recently adopted Eureka Math curriculum being taught in the Bremerton School District.
This request is made as I am a Bremerton parent and/or taxpayer and am deeply concerned about the growing evidence that this curriculum is not appropriate for my child and/or the children of this district.

Many parents have complained about this math curriculum as they are not able to help their children with this foreign, unvetted and age inappropriate course work.
This district has failed to provide proof that this curriculum will in fact benefit the growth and success of our children, as well as failed to provide parents with the necessary instruction/support to help teach their children these new processes.
Research on this curriculum from the perspective of teachers, students and parents with previous experience using Eureka Math aka Engage NY shows extensive negative feedback and disapproval.

As shown here:

Common Core State Standards although currently mandated, are being rejected on a mass scale by people everywhere. There are many reasons for this if the administration of Bremerton School District practiced due diligence in investigating the issue. The following links are only a few samples of why our district needs more than ever to fight this issue:

Until such time as the laws are reformed to legally get our local children out of this mess, I am requesting that Bremerton School District Administrators expeditiously replace Eureka Math with a curriculum that is more appropriate for the children and parents in this district.

(1st and last name)
Bremerton, WA
Phone number

Send to:,,,,

Join the event on Facebook for more information.

The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party remains committed to our goal of defeating Common Core and providing the best education possible for Kitsap students, as inscribed in our 2013 resolution.

[Hat-Tip to Naomi Evans, candidate for Bremerton School Board, for the info and leading the movement!]

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