Kitsap County Title 2 – Oct 2015

Title 2 - Oct 2015

Remember Title 5?  Remember how sneaky the Kitsap County government tried to be in attempting to attack your property rights?  Remember that the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party, Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners (KAPO), and the Kitsap Realtors Association defeated Title 5?  Well … it’s back … in the form of Title 2.

We made a flash announcement on Facebook that KAPO was holding an important townhall meeting on October 1st discussing administrative law and Title 2.  KAPO has since provided an analysis of the proposed change to the county code on their website:

County Code Compliance Revisions (10/04/2015)”

The following is a brief snapshot of why it’s important to you (paraphrased from the KAPO article):

  1. Warrantless Searches: In violation of the U.S. Constitution and the Washington Constitution, county officials could inspect your property without a warrant.
  2. Guilty Until Proven Innocent: You could be forced to admit guilt, waive right of appeal, and must prove your innocence.
  3. Administrative Law Judge: Rather than getting to state your case to a neutral judge, you would now have to defend yourself in front of a “judge” who is also your accuser.
  4. No Grandfathering: Property satisfying code yesterday would no longer be exempt from future code changes.

Here’s a possible scenario:
Your family constructed a building decades ago.  Then, one day, Kitsap County decides to change the building code.  A DCD inspector then wanders onto your property (without a warrant) and cites you for failing to comply with the new code.  You are forced to sign a form saying you’re guilty and you waive right of appeal.  You are then hauled before the same DCD inspector (or his/her boss or fellow DCD official) where you are declared guilty, because you cannot adequately prove your innocence to the person who accused you.

Stay tuned to our website & social media and the KAPO website for status updates and calls for you to take action to stop this (e.g. contacting the Kitsap County Commissioners).

[Hat-Tip to the Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners for the great research and alerting the community!]

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5 Responses to Kitsap County Title 2 – Oct 2015

  1. Don Holmes says:

    I haven’t seen any of you assemble in multitudes and protest , What is everyone afraid of? You voted the commissioners in didn’t you? Now Take them out by whatever means necessary !

    • Thank you for your thoughts Mr. Holmes. We have been steadily working behind the scenes with our coalition partners (as we did to help defeat Title 5) and KPTP members received a good portion of credit for helping to defeat one incumbent Democrat county commissioner in 2014. We are in need of members to step into leadership positions to help us organize greater efforts with renewed energy & passion. The KPTP Board of Directors election is coming up at our November 30, 2015 meeting … we need leaders!

    • Do you have leadership and organization skills? Perhaps you could put them to use and organize those protests. I’m willing to help by printing and passing out flyers for the public to be made aware of our protests and exactly what we are protesting. Many residents remain clueless to what is going on. What are you afraid of? I think it is a good idea to organize a protest and to not just advertise it on FB but to pound the sidewalks, go door to door and alert home owners to the perils they face.

  2. concerned says:

    Fight this! I’m from King and Pierce counties and Seattle and Tacoma have run away with this legislator sanctioned idea! It has personally hurt me as a property owner in Tacoma…no granfathering period and liens put on your house and fines rack up! Why do you think the legislators voted a few years ago to deem it a felony if you assault a code compliance officer if thet are on your property? Because the govt knows property owners will be livid about code officer on their property.
    I always wondered why homes in Tacoma are boarded up…now, as a Realtor and a citizen victim of this ordinance, it’s because the govt boarded up the homes, fined the property owner and shut off utilities to the property in case the owner was going to try and still have shelter for which they pay for. Govt does not want to stop homelessness, they are creating it!

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