SPECIAL EVENT: Heidi Mund “The Brave German Woman”

The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party invites you to a special event featuring Heidi Mund, known as “The Brave German Woman“.  Mund is famous for, as CBN reports, courageously standing alone to protest an Islamic imam’s call to prayer at a Christian event in Germany.  Since, she has been a fervent voice warning the Western world of Islam’s stealth jihad.

KPTP Mund Nov 2015

Muslim immigration to Germany and throughout Europe is growing in great numbers (Pew Research 01/15/2015).  Rather than assimilate, the immigrants are steadily changing European culture and politics toward appeasement of Shariah and silencing of Christianity & Western enlightened views.  Past guest speaker and former gubernatorial candidate, Shahram Hadian, spoke to us last year shedding light on this new dangerous convergence of Islam and Christianity in his presentation “Chrislam Exposed“.  Heidi Mund will share her thoughts on the fate of Western society if this continues.

“Here I stand; I can do no other.” – attributed to Martin Luther

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[Hat-Tip to Dana Cruz for organizing this event!]

Mund will also be speaking on Saturday October 31, 2015 in Tacoma (sponsored by Pierce County ACT for America).  See the Facebook event for more.

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