Decision 2015: Results Viewing Party

The Kitsap County Republican Party (KCRP) has invited all patriots to watch the election results on Tuesday, November 3rd.  Also, consider this a reminder to get your ballots in!

KPTP Election 2015 Viewing Party

Tuesday November 03, 2015
~7:00pm – 10:00pm
Cloverleaf Bar & Grill – “Big Room”
1240 Hollis Street
Bremerton, WA 98310

[Hat-Tip to Chris Stephens for the info!]

To track results at home, visit:
Kitsap County
Washington State

The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party has chosen to focus exclusively on local school board races.  We recommend Jim Almond, Naomi Evans, Scott Hendon, and Tony Stephens.

In Bremerton, Evans and Stephens have been leading the fight against Common Core and defending Coach Joe Kennedy‘s religious liberty.

Common Core:

Naomi Evans has lead several events to defeat Common Core and better our children’s education.Evans Common Core 101215

Tony Stephens has long been in opposition to Common Core, including signing the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party’s 2013 resolution opposing Common Core.
KPTP CC ResReligious Liberty:

Naomi Evans has stood with Coach Kennedy during the current ordeal and offered these statements:
Evans-Kennedy 091615Evans-Kennedy 101815

Tony Stephens has stood with Coach Kennedy during the current ordeal and offered these statements:
Stephens-Kennedy 091615

Stephens-Kennedy 101715Stephens-Kennedy 102915


Naomi Evans and Tony Stephens supporting Coach Kennedy on 10/29/2015:

Stephens-Evans-Kennedy 102915

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