OPINION (Hofmann): Letter to Protect Religious Liberty in Schools

 By Bradley A. Hofmann (KPTP Vice-President and Communications Chair)
November 2015

Opinion Editorials Disclaimer: The views expressed by contributing authors may or may not reflect the official positions of the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party.  We believe in free, responsible speech and welcome hearing the differing viewpoints of our members.

Last month, I wrote an introductory synopsis (“Refuting Lemon Test is Key to Religious Liberty in Schools“) stating why the Supreme Court’s “Lemon Test” ought not be used to develop policy in state and local governments.  One such local government, the Bremerton School District, has inscribed the stringent bounds of the “Lemon Test” in their district policy, thereby persecuting Coach Joe Kennedy in its application.

The following is the letter I sent to over a dozen “friendly” Washington State legislators in hopes to influence the legislation to be drafted by Representatives Caldier, Hunt, and Young.  The contents goes into greater detail justifying my request to declare the “Lemon Test” invalid.


Lemon Letter 1115-1

Lemon Letter 1115-2Lemon Letter 1115-4Lemon Letter 1115-3














I encourage your continued support of Coach Kennedy by participating in the “Email Bomb” (reportedly, the Bremerton School Board has received about 8,000 letters!!!).  Thank you to those who attended the prior school board meeting!  Speakers did an excellent job making reasoned, factual arguments before the board.

If any would like to join me in this quest to protect religious freedom, contact me as follows:

Brad Hofmann

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