Support Coach Kennedy Rally Recap

Joe-Kennedy_prayerThe Kitsap Patriots Tea Party (KPTP) Vice-President Brad Hofmann and several KPTP members joined numerous members of the community to attend the November 12, 2015 Bremerton School Board meeting in support of Coach Joe Kennedy.  Hofmann offers his thoughts on the event:

The meeting was well-attended by supporters of Coach Kennedy (standing room only) who cheered as fellow supporters addressed the board.  Speakers provided reasoned, respectful arguments using sound logic, history, and examples in defense of Coach Kennedy.  Along with the thoughtful constitutional and legal arguments presented, the necessity of religious freedom for the well-being of students was a powerful point.  Silencing free speech sends a fierce message of intimidation that strikes fear within students considering exercising their rights and teaches intolerance to the diverse views students will encounter in the workplace and society in general.  A handful of opposing views were presented by the opposition, but either rang of a tone of passionate anger against anything religious or used highly flawed arguments (which I could decimate one-by-one, but will save that for another day).  Overall, the room could have used several more KPTP members in the audience, but those in attendance made a very persuasive case to the school board which God will surely use for the furtherance of His glory and His kingdom in the way He wills.

In addition to the reporting by the Kitsap Sun, here are a few more words from those in the community who attended:
[Only initials used for privacy]

The meeting went well.  About ten folks spoke in support with wild applause, and about five spoke in opposition… There were probably about 50 of us in attendance and it seemed to be the most people at a school board meeting in a long time.  No word on response at this time as the coach issue was not on the agenda.  Pray that they heard the majority of the folks in attendance and will make an appropriate decision!!!!
Thanks to all that were in attendance!!
‪#‎fightforthefirst – A.B.

Everyone did a great job speaking tonight! Well done! – E.P.

I was glad to be there to support Freedom OF Religion! – G.C.

S.T. and I were there and every single person that stood up for our religious freedoms spoke very well.  The other side not so much.  Great job to all of those that spoke the other night. – P.T.

C.R., we haven’t officially met, but I just have to say thank you for speaking tonight.  You presented the truth in such a compelling and gracious way that penetrated straight to the heart of this issue.  I was so encouraged by your words, and i wanted to let you know … We stayed until the end and got to speak with Scott as well.  I was really impressed by his kindness and receptivity to our thoughts.  He said he’s received over 8000 emails since this came out.  He also alluded to the fact that he’s had basically zero influence in this particular decision and that it’s pretty much all been handled by their legal team; the board doesn’t have a say until it reaches the point of appeal.  Good reminder to restrain our anger and direct it appropriately.  Praying for the school board as they’re definitely in a difficult situation. – K.H.

Our speakers did a superb job.  God bless you for standing up for righteousness. – B.S.

Hi All……I attended the school board meeting this evening. I arrived late. (That’s why I didn’t sign up to speak.) However…..I heard the speakers did a very good job.  Thank you to all who spoke in support of Coach Kennedy!  During the brief break…….I went up to speak to the school board members to give them my input since I was not able to speak.  I spoke with school board member….Scott Rahm.  He encouraged me to put what I said in writing as it’s good for their record to have input from the community.  I am posting the link so anyone else who wants to write to the school board members can do so. – M.A.

K.H. and I stayed till the very end of the meeting – about 8:15 and got a chance to informally chat a little with a couple of the board members… Thanks to all for everyone’s input and prayers.  They were felt – it truly felt like we were a team.  You are all so appreciated.  Towards the end, someone came up to us (K.H. and I) who we didn’t know and was very complimentary to our “group” – I think it was the reporter.  The board members also said thank you for the way things were presented.  We shall see.  Onward and Upward for sure! – K.T.

Continue sending emails to the school board as part of our EMAIL BOMB.  As noted above, the board has received over 8000!!!  Keep them coming!  They can use some encouragement and convincing to use their legislative authority to represent the will of the community and place a check on the errors of the judicial branch.

Stay involved by following the Support Coach Kennedy Facebook Page, joining the Religious Liberty Kitsap Facebook Group, or messaging the hosts of the rally event.  Another mode of taking action is by joining Brad Hofmann’s activism to protect religious liberty.

The Bremerton School Board’s attack on religious freedom continues to attract national attention.  Presidential candidate Ted Cruz will be honoring Coach Kennedy in the South Carolina Rally for Religious Liberty (Hat-Tip Maria Apodaca!).  Further, New Orleans Saints tight end, Benjamin Watson, has long stood with Coach Kennedy.  His latest Facebook post states:Watson 111615

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