2016 KPTP Board of Directors

KPTP 2016 Board

Congratulations to those elected to serve on the 2016 Kitsap Patriots Tea Party Board of Directors!  Thank you for your stepping up into a leadership position to help advance conservative principles in Kitsap County.

Presenting the 2016 KPTP Board of Directors:

Johnny Walker ….. President
Tom Makris ………. Vice-President
Chuck DeCosta ….. Treasurer
Sandi Dahlquist …. Secretary
Joan Benze
Dana Cruz
Faye Henden
Don Taylor

The organization will continue to focus on local issues in which we have the greatest influence.  Your KPTP Board will be keeping a keen eye on property rights and will work with our coalition partners accordingly.  Dangerous ordinances can slip through when national elections are in the spotlight; we will remain vigilant.

Not on the board?  The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party has a number of committee opportunities in need of your leadership.  Send us an email or talk to a board member about how you can become involved.

Candidates Assessor
Communications Chair (Temporarily filled by Brad Hofmann)
Education Issues Chair
Events (The Board as a whole is temporarily filling – feel free to share your thoughts on potential guest speakers and events!)
Legislative Advocate (Johnny Walker)
Military Support (Dana Cruz)

Contact us at kitsappatriots@gmail.com.

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