YMCA Locker Room Safety

UPDATE 1 (12/28/2015):

A peaceful protest led by concerned citizens was held at the Silverdale YMCA on Monday 12/28/2015.

YMCA Protest 122815Activists urge you to file a complaint with YMCA CEO Bob Ecklund:
(254) 534-7801 or becklund@ymcakc.org


YMCA offices in Kitsap and Pierce counties are instituting a shocking locker room policy.  To appease transgender “rights”, they will permit members to enter restrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex.  The Y even went as far as firing one of our community members for speaking out against the policy.

Several Kitsap and Pierce residents have spoken out on the public airways, such as Q13 Fox News, John Carlson, and Todd Herman.  To take action, “Like” the Facebook page “Keep YMCA Locker Rooms Safe“, join the Facebook group “Religious Liberty Kitsap“, and click the following link: ACTION.  You can start by cancelling your YMCA membership as many appalled members already have.

To make matters worse, Representative Graham Hunt (R-2nd), has informed us that a new WAC, based on a Human Rights Commission rule, is set to go into effect 12/26/2015 and will affect local schools!  Graham states:

A new WAC has been created that goes into effect 12.26.2015 and this is forcing the YMCA, Schools and virtually every facility that has gender specific restrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, shower facilities, etc. to allow access to boys that “THINK” they are girls or vice versa while your child is also using them.

Call your legislator using the Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000

Representative Hunt has provided a waiver you can sign now to protect your children:

WAC 162-32 Waiver

Joseph Backholm of the Family Policy Institute of Washington (and past guest speaker of the Kitsap Patriots Tea Party) offered the following policy analysis: “How Far Do ‘Trans’ Rights Go“.

For your entertainment, conservative comedian Steven Crowder dismantles the case made by the male who wants to be a 6-year old girl:crowdertrans


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3 Responses to YMCA Locker Room Safety

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  2. judi says:

    HB 2589 – 2015-16 has been introduced by Rep. Graham-Hunt 1/15/2016 reversing the policy of allowing non-transformed transgender people from using the facilities that they relate too but have the genitalia of the opposite sex. In other words allowing private of public businesses to restrict their access unless they are surgically transformed. Please forward and put the word out. You can go to his page and fill out a form supporting this bill. Thank you

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