Locker Room Safety Activism: January 2016

KPTP YMCA 011716The locker room policy change implemented by the YMCA and pushed by the Human Rights Commission has opened a firestorm of controversy.  We reported on the issue in December 2015.  Local activists and state representatives have organized to put a stop to this policy.  Here’s how you can help:


(Activists have already held numerous protests)


Support H.B. 2589 championed by Representative Graham Hunt.  The new WAC imposed by the unelected Human Rights Council affects businesses, churches, and even our childrens’ schools!  Representative Hunt’s bill fights back.  Call the legislative hotline (1-800-562-6000) or comment on the bill at the legislature’s website (click HERE, then click “Comment on this bill”).  Local activists have set up the following Facebook event: “Keep Locker Rooms Safer … Support this Bill

Comment HB 2589

View our previous article for ways to obtain the latest information and contact like-minded local activists.

Spread the word on Twitter.

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