AGAIN?!? King County Says 2/3 Tax Rule Unconstitutional

Two-Thirds Rule Jan2016A King County judge has once again ruled that a vote of the people of Washington in unconstitutional.  King County Superior Court Judge William Downing invalidated Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1366 which was supported by the voters last election.  The initiative would impose a 1% sales tax decrease unless the Legislature offers an amendment to the state constitution that would require a 2/3 supermajority to raise taxes.

This is not the first time King County has over-ruled the will on the people on this subject.  Judge Heller shot down Initiative 1053 in 2012.

Shift Washington points out that Governor Inslee applauded over-ruling the voters, that 17 states (including uber-liberal California!) provide taxpayers supermajority tax protection, and that liberals opposing the 2/3 supermajority are very hypocritical when compared to special labor union policy provisions they do support.  Republican gubernatorial candidate for 2016, Bill Bryant, immediately released a statement defending the voters of Washington State:

“The courts have once again trampled on the will of the people of Washington State. Six times since 1993 voters have approved a 2/3-majority requirement to raise taxes and each time Olympia has overturned the people’s will. I supported the 2/3rd tax approval initiative and will continue to support it. Yes it’s a blunt instrument, but it is going to take a blunt instrument to get Olympia practicing fiscal discipline, respecting taxpayers’ money and setting priorities.”

Bryant Tweet Taxes 012116

Stay tuned.  This issue is expected to now go the Washington State Supreme Court.  We urge you to support conservative candidates for state offices.  Let those with whom you associate know which candidates actually support the people.

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