SSRW EVENT: 12th Amendment (10/24/16)

Our friends in the Silverdale-Seabeck Republican Women (SSRW) have invited us to attend their October 24th meeting for a special presentation on the Electoral College system.  ssrw-12th-amendment

The following is from SSRW:

The 12th Amendment
It has been an interesting presidential election cycle. For one of the first times in history we have two candidates who are the most disliked ever, plus a Libertarian, a Green, and a Constitution Party candidate. Is this really a binary election even though we have so many third party candidates in the race to the White House? With so much diversity and animosity could we have a situation where none of the candidates reach the 270 majority required by the electoral voting system? How does the Electoral College work in our state?
We invite you to join us to find out about the 12 Amendment! We will also review the basics of the Electoral College System, understand the magic number 270 majority and learn how the Electoral College works in our state. There will be lots of handouts! Invite your friends and students for the monthly meeting of Silverdale Seabeck Republican Women (SSRW) meeting to be held on October 24th, at the Cloverleaf Sport Bar and Grill.
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