Naomi Evans joins KPTP Board


Naomi Evans, KPTP Board member

The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party is proud to introduce its newest member of the 2017 voluntary Board of Directors; Naomi Evans from Bremerton, WA.

A familiar face at general meetings, Naomi comes to us with a solid history of active volunteer service with Republican and conservative politics. She served as the Operations Chair and PCO coordinator with the KCRP and has proven her ability for public service as an elected first term school board member with the Bremerton School District. Naomi is a driving force behind proposed legislation to help prevent paternity fraud – something you will learn more about as the year moves on. On top of all of this, Naomi home schools – one of the toughest jobs in the wold. In addition to Naomi’s expected council to the Board, she has accepted an immediate role to begin migrating KPTP communications activity to her home office, where she will be able to give that function a fresh look while offering our ever-vigilant Brad Hofmann a much deserved break. Please take time to welcome Naomi to the Board. /jw

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