Washington’s Governor defends illegal alien drug dealers and investigates State Troopers

March 2, 2017

So you don’t have to read the latest Executive Order from Governor Inslee (unless you enjoy reading another of the left’s despotic attacks on our safety and security), I offer my abbreviated take as well as some discussion of the investigation of a state Trooper.

Washington’s Governor, Jay Inslee, rarely gets it right. His issuance of Executive Order 17-01, [REAFFIRMING WASHINGTON’S COMMITMENT TO TOLERANCE, DIVERSITY, AND INCLUSIVENESS] on February 23, 2017, is just another example. In the first of his several “Whereas”-es, he makes the completely false statement that: “Washington has a proud history of inclusivity, tolerance, and compassion for all residents.” WRONG! A University of Washington report, titled “Segregated Seattle,” describes the lengthy history of racism, exclusion of people of color from jobs, segregation of schools and racially restrictive residential covenants in Washington State. Wow! Inslee couldn’t even get his first “Whereas” right! https://depts.washington.edu/civilr/segregated.htm.

Throughout, the many “Whereas”-es and 9 paragraphs of directions in Executive Order 17-01, Governor Inslee is effusive in his praises of immigrants to our state. He praises both legal and illegal immigrants and observes that “undocumented immigrants comprised approximately 4.9 percent of the state’s workforce in 2012 and paid $301.9 million in state and local taxes. If all undocumented immigrants were removed from the state,” Governor Inslee says, “the state would lose $14.5 billion in economic activity, $6.4 billion in gross revenue, and approximately 71,197 jobs;”. One must ask, about those claims, if the illegal immigrants, with whom he is so enamored, are taking jobs that would otherwise go to an equal number of natural born citizens and legal immigrants. And, were natural born citizens and legal immigrants employed in the place of those illegal immigrants, one must ask, would not the dollar figures be approximately the same, re: receipt of state and local taxes, economic activity and gross revenue. An added benefit could be the reduction in welfare payments, not to mention, perhaps, new job holders’ own increased sense of self worth.

Then, there are the 15,000 younger Obama DACA beneficiaries, in Washington State, whom Governor Inslee extols. Are there 15,000 younger natural born citizens and legal immigrants without jobs as a result of Obama’s DACA Executive Order?

Many of the nine paragraphs of directions, in the Executive Order, contain qualifiers ordering that State agencies cannot do this, that, or the other, except as required by state, federal or international law. Governor Inslee seems to be saying that he, generally, supports some (certain) law breakers, and that our State agencies should leave those law breakers alone, unless required by some statute. I wonder if this Executive Order is more about making Governor Inslee and his supporters feel good… or not….

A spokesperson for Governor Inslee stated last week that a Washington State Trooper is under administrative investigation, for contacting ICE, when he checked the drivers license of an individual who was involved in a multi-car accident, on I-5, and found a warning that the individual was a previously deported felon who was convicted on a drug charge. The investigation is underway to ensure that the patrol was not violating its own policies, according to the spokesperson. Note, that the Trooper did not detain or arrest the individual but that ICE Agents arrived and took him into custody before the multi-car accident could be cleared. Apparently, Governor Inslee believes that no cooperation between Troopers and ICE Agents is allowable. Could there be anything more benign than simply notifying ICE? Governor Inslee has said that he does not want State Troopers and police departments acting as “mini-imigration agencies.” If that is what Governor Inslee thinks, should he not then dismantle the communications infrastructure allowing for communications between Troopers/Police and ICE. Should there never, ever be any reason for Troopers/Police to communicate with ICE? I suppose Governor Inslee would never want to put fear into the hearts of illegal immigrant, drug dealing, felons. Does Governor Inslee know that those criminals he supports and who deal drugs have caused a huge number of overdoses and deaths in our nation and our tolerant State of Washington? Does Governor Inslee care? http://www.thenewstribune.com/news/local/article133012704.html

Back in the old days, when your blogger was a felony prosecutor, in a state far, far away, city and state officers worked cooperatively with federal law enforcement agencies for the protection of ALL. There were even joint operations where state and federal officers worked together to capture bad guys, seize drugs, etc., for the protection of ALL! Even the Mexican police would cooperate with us (and transfer to us) Mexican citizens who had come over the Rio to commit criminal acts on our soil and then fled back to Mexico where they were apprehended by the Mexican police pursuant to our request.

It is very disheartening to see Governor Inslee engaged in the protection of the few, the protection of the law breakers, the protection of some who, in fact, supply our children and grand children with deadly drugs! He cares not for victims. I must say that I was very encouraged to hear President Trump’s plans to support the victims of illegal immigrants. One popular, local leader wrote to me recently that he is “…getting down right cranky…” about how the left considers the victimization of U.S. Citizens as acceptable losses or collateral damage. I agree.

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