Cathy Griffin, Robert Reich, and the end of America.

Conservatives of all stripes have long questioned and complained (to each other) about the apparent never-ending diatribe voiced and printed by the progressive movement in their efforts to silence any and all opposition.  While progressive noise has grown stronger and more distasteful, conservatives have continued to huddle together in their small herds seeking solace and protection. The progressive wolf is at the door and conservatives, by and large, put on earmuffs. This past week the distaste created by progressives reached a level that even some in that camp cried foul.

Cathy Griffin, the well-known (not sure known by whom) comic, displayed a picture of herself holding, at arms-length, the decapitated head of President Donald Trump. The picture was a clear imitation of the now common Islamic Terrorist pictures of a “warrior” holding the head of a victim or infidel. There should be no doubt concerning the actual intent of the picture (a dead President) nor should there be any question about how sick minded Griffin is. What does give pause is that the condemnation of Griffin was not immediate and universal and that she was not fully removed from public access. To the contrary, following a bit of light castigation in the liberal media, Griffin was afforded a national platform to air a “press conference” to address her miss-deed. Griffin, conducted a lengthy castigation of the President, his family, the conservative press, and anything and everything else she could demean while playing the victim card. The ultimate claim was that Donald Trump ‘broke” her and destroyed her life. Only if it were so.

While the Griffin episode is mind boggling to most of us, it should not come as any surprise. It is just one step further down the road of the campaign of personal destruction and isolation being waged by progressives. Take, for example, the continuing flow of garbage and miss-truth that flow from the pencil of Robert Reich (a Sunday standard in the Kitsap Sun).  We should remember that Reich served as Labor Secretary under Clinton but did nothing of remark while in the job and certainly nothing since then. Since the election of Donald Trump, Reich has conducted a continuous campaign of vitriolic misinformation that blames Trump for every possible failure or wrong outcome. Reich has become the master of the twist and turn that allows him to find a way to lay every possible distasteful event at Trump’s doorstep. To believe Reich one would conclude that no matter what Trump might do it would only cause despair and disaster for the American people. If Reich only occasionally went off on his rants it might be overlooked. That his caustic commentary is continuous and every building is of much greater concern. The problem is not what Reich has to offer (that is of course a problem) but that he is able to rant on without any realistic pushback or response from the rank and file conservatives.

A more demonstrative example of the ground being gained by the left is on our college campuses through the nation. The occasional student “uprising” for better meals in the cafeteria or the right to gender neutral dorms has now become the continuous battle for exclusion of conservative from campus and the demand that the students run the institutions. The days of “youthful exuberance” have been replaced by masked thugs destroying property and attacking people (conservatives) all in the name of “diversity” and “freedom of expression”. While the students’ rebel and riot, the school administrations stand silent and allow the riots to continue or actively support the student efforts. We conservatives sit still and reflect that “they are just being kids” or that “college has always been that way”. Regretfully, that is not the case and the current trend and activities mark a very sharp departure from the past and actually present a real hazard to the continued existence of our nation and our culture. The “little darlings” who are breaking windows, burning cars, and storming buildings in the name of academic freedom are what we should think of as the leaders of tomorrow. Just what kind of leadership training are they undergoing?

So, you say, what’s new? This has been going on for a long time and we are still here. If you really believe that, you might as well stop reading because you have become part of the problem.

I am a product of parents who lived through the Great (real) Depression and who essentially saved the world by their faithful service to the nation in World War II. They earned our respect and the title of “The Greatest Generation” not for what they received from life but for what they sacrificed for freedom. Theirs’s was not an easy life and we, their children, have been ever thankful for the lessons in life that they taught us. Those lessons have been lost on the current generation of pampered and spoiled brats who believe history began the day they were born and who get their world view information from some social media outlet. They are the end product of a lifestyle that gave them everything wrapped in instant gratification asking little or nothing in return. Their safety and security is assured by some unknown named ‘right” while they decry and try to destroy the same forces of good that we call police. They demand (never ask) that they get their way in everything in life or shout discrimination and victimhood from the roof tops or capital steps. If our parents were the Greatest Generation what we have today is the “Worthless Generation”. They have earned nothing, contributed noting of value, and will leave little to be proud of to history. They are what we have allowed them to become.

Now for the really sad news. All of this has happened while we stood on the sidelines, watching and grousing but making no overt moves to stop the progressing. We, to our shame, have become a true silent majority, When we were called racists and bigots we remained silent.  When we objected to illegal immigrants in our country we were called mean and without compassion. When we questioned poor science we were called deniers. When we wanted to discuss almost anything we were shut down because of our hate speech. When we questioned cultural issues were called homophobes. And we just stood there and took it all. Now we find ourselves in a place where the progressive own the language, the debate (none is allowed) and the public domain simply because we did not openly fight back. We were so afraid of offending someone that we refused to speak. Well the time has come to end our existence as the “silent majority” and to actively bring the fight to the left.

The left may “own” the media but we have the internet and those few public outlets still available to us. We must either use them or lose them and the ultimate loss of freedom. We must get our “in your face” approach to debate back and refuse back down in the face of adversity. We must cease being “socially acceptable” and carry the battle forward on whatever field the opposition may chose or whenever we have the opportunity. We need to stop supporting, with our time, effort, and money, those organizations and activities that do not actively endorse and support American core values. We need to stop allowing public schools to remain indoctrination centers by insisting that our elected school boards return to basics of education and depart from social experimentation. We need to stop sending our kind to colleges that foster disrespect for the very rights and values that have made it possible for them to get an education in the first place. We need to restore the concepts of personal responsibility, and self-reliability to our children. Finally we need to get off our collective couch and begin to wage a political war that is continuous and dedicated to removal and replacement of every liberal currently in office.  If we want our elected officials to govern in a manner appropriate to our Constitution, we need to elect people who will do just that. Getting ‘hyped up” and sending in a few dollars just before the election is not active participation.  rhaps the best way to address the urgency and immediate need for active involvement is to understand that “if you do not exercise a right it will be soon lost”. Be bold, be brave, be conservative every hour of every day and in every place you travel. This is a war we cannot afford to lose.

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