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Cathy Griffin, Robert Reich, and the end of America.

Conservatives of all stripes have long questioned and complained (to each other) about the apparent never-ending diatribe voiced and printed by the progressive movement in their efforts to silence any and all opposition.  While progressive noise has grown stronger and … Continue reading

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Fast Ferry or Fast Move?

While a lot of attention is being addressed to the Seattle Sound Transit rip- off (increased tab fees based on MSRP) very little is being directed to an even bigger rip-off here at home in Kitsap. In one of the … Continue reading

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Republicans, Trump, and the Art of Being Winners

During the 2016 election cycle, especially following the Republican National Convention, there were two active camps in the Republican Party; Pro-Trump and Never Trump. Of course, since no one in their right mind (read media and DC establishment) gave any … Continue reading

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“Let’s Roll” – keeping the Republic on course

In an old cemetery in Virginia, there is a tombstone with my name on it. Underneath my name is the inscription “Captain Revolutionary War”. Buried in a mass grave by the British, at a place that was called Wall Bay … Continue reading

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We are already a welcoming country

This is an open letter to the the City of Bremerton, Washington, concerning their council’s consideration of a “welcoming city” resolution as a so called symbolic gesture of inclusive respect for all people. Honorable Mayor Patty Lent, Councilwomen and Councilmen, … Continue reading

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