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Initiatives to Save Washington State by the PEOPLE

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Fast Ferry or Fast Move?

While a lot of attention is being addressed to the Seattle Sound Transit rip- off (increased tab fees based on MSRP) very little is being directed to an even bigger rip-off here at home in Kitsap. In one of the … Continue reading

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AGAIN?!? King County Says 2/3 Tax Rule Unconstitutional

A King County judge has once again ruled that a vote of the people of Washington in unconstitutional.  King County Superior Court Judge William Downing invalidated Tim Eyman’s Initiative 1366 which was supported by the voters last election.  The initiative would impose … Continue reading

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Tax Day 2015

Today and in the previous weeks, thousands of Americans have endured the painful stress and intimidation of finalizing their taxes in our complicated tax system.  The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party remains steadfast in our support of a simplified, fair tax … Continue reading

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Tea Party Values Represent People’s Will

State Representative Drew MacEwen (R-35th) recently released the results of an informal survey from a tele-townhall in his online newsletter.  Among the questions are constituent thoughts on Common Core and tax policy. The Kitsap Patriots Tea Party is ahead of the game … Continue reading

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