Initiatives to Save Washington State by the PEOPLE

Save Washington for the People sign the Initiatives
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Puget Sound Patriot endorsements

2 August Primary 2022

Vote for Candidates that will support our Constitution, support personal rights and prevent indoctrination of our children in our schools with racists ideas like CRT and Equity. Support candidates that will support our Sheriff’s Department and Police department and put criminals in jail, as the law requires and support fair elections with proper identity controls. Support Freedom and America first. Support the above listed candidates.

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Come see the documentary Movie 2000 Mules

Great documentary to watch and see one of the many ways to steal your vote. These mules were tracked in several Swing States the same way the FBI tracks kidnappers and blackmailers and they had cameras at the voting Drop Boxes to capture pictures of the Mules and they know where they picked up the phony ballots. Where are the Indictments??? Very good question.

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Paige Jarquin & Janell Hulst 23 LD

Come hear and support your Conservative candidates for Office In 23 Rd LD Position 1 and 2
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The Unforgotten Run

Bring your flag and join the Puget Sound Patriots for
the Unforgotten Run to Tahoma National Cemetery
You won’t want to miss one the most amazing experiences in
western Washington … The Unforgotten, Run to Tahoma ! The
cremains of fallen, unclaimed heroes are carried to their final
resting place in a procession of motorcycles as far as the eye
can see and with enough patriotism to warm the darkest of
The past several years we’ve joined the Tacoma Narrows Tea
Party and other organizations in filling overpasses along the
route with patriots waving American flags. This year, we will
do the same. The Puget Sound Patriots will be manning the
Bethel-Burley Overpass.
Saturday May 28
Be at the bridge by 10:00am Highway
16Bethel-BurleyOverpass Port
Parking is available at nearby church
Note: There is no exit to the overpass. Take the Mullenix
exit (South) and turn right on Bethel-Burley Rd SE

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Bangor Trigger Gate Support Your Military

On the Saturday before Mother’s Day (May 7th) the anti-nuke group Ground Zero will be demonstrating at Naval Base Kitsap Bangor’s Main Gate. Bring your American flag and join us at Trigger Gate in Silverdale and show your support for our military from 10:00am-12:00 noon, Saturday May 7.

Take the Trigger exit on Hwy 3 and turn right on Winter Creek Ave. NW. Parking
is at Clear Creek School. We need to stay back from the base property line.

Flag wave to support your Military. They will appreciate it.

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Conservatives to Vote for Meet and Greet

Elizabeth Kreiselmaier is running to represent the 6th District of WA in the U.S. Congress. Paige Jarquin is running for State House Position 2 and Janell Hulst is running for Position 1. This is your opportunity to get to know them and get involved in helping us take back the House. Now more than ever, we need candidates ready to stop those who will defund the police and make our streets less safe, who will fight the avarice of the ruling class and their desire to take our income, and who will fight for parent’s rights to control their child’s education

13263 Phelps Rd Bainbridge Island Wa 6 May 2022, at 6 PM to 8PM

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Vote Conservative for Vets

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SSRW Meeting on 11 April 2022 in East Bremerton

Jesse Young 26 LD will provide latest Legislative Status and updates.

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Next meeting of SSRW 14 Feb 2022

Yes Valintine Day
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Mathew Howard on Coercive Vaccine Policies

Mathew Howard – Freedom Foundation National Outreach Director to speak at the PSP next public meeting on 18 Oct 2021 at 7 pm at VFW Post 239, Bremerton WA off National Ave adjacent to US Post Office.

Topic will be coercive policies that are affecting our local businesses, local military personnel, local DOD employees, hospital workers, county workers, state workers and school employee in our area. Come listen and interact with Mr Howard and see how you can fight this atrocious vaccine Mandate.

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Mandatory Vaccinations

Puget Sound Patriots (PSP) opposes the Government mandating vaccinations or any type of proof of vaccination, or to require citizens to show proof of vaccination for work, entry into restaurants or other places of business, to participate in any events, or any other public or private activity.  The role of the Government is to advise and inform the citizens and then let the citizens make the decision as to how to proceed on the issue.

  Mandatory vaccination is in violation of the 1st, 4th and 14th amendments to the US Constitution and in violation of Several Washington State Laws as stated below:

  Mandatory vaccination violates Washington State laws as stated in RCW 49.60.030 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, in RCW 43.06.210.(2)(g) Governors Emergency Powers Act, exceeds the authority of the act as it violate the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution and the Governor is specifically prohibited from doing that as stated in RCW 9.91.010 Section 2, denial of civil rights of citizens from entering property for business.

  Citizens need to contact their legislators and local government officials and protest this unlawful Vaccine Mandate and take your rights back.

  The next atrocious and illegal thing that government will probably do is the DOJ mandating the FBI investigate people protesting at local school boards for teaching Critical Race Theory and Equity, and calling those protesting peacefully domestic terrorists.

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COVID “Died Suddenly” FREE Movie

Puget Sound Patriots PSP are presenting a free showing of the documentary “Died Suddenly” and discussion surrounding the palpable increase in sudden deaths of otherwise young healthy individuals. What could be the cause and can anything be done to turn this trend around?

At the Tracyton Movie House on 1520 NE riddle Rd Tracyton by the DMV Office.

Monday 20 Feb 2023 at 7 PM. Donations accepted.

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Puget Sound Patriots Pot Luck Picnic 20 August 2022

Plenty of time for the Candidate to speak to the people and to tell us how they will assure that we all keep our Liberty and to have some fun at the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club in Bremerton. Put the date on your calendar, 20 August 2022. Bring the kids for a fun day in the sun and talk with like-minded Conservatives who believe in the US Constitution and believe that Parents should control what their children are taught in our schools
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